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Teen Floozy Seduces Her Friend

Bet On Lesbian Sex

Bet On Lesbo Sex is what happens when two slutty rich chicks that have to much free time get together to play a game. The goal is to see who can sleep with the most women. The loser has to buy the other angel a car. It sounds like a game that a bunch of frat boys would play, but these girls are just as horny as men and are looking to live out their wildest fantasies. See how Katty earned a point this weekend.

Saturday night she was hanging out with one of her friends and literally talked her right out of her clothes. She got this honey to confess that she had lesbian thoughts and soon they were exploring each others bodies with their hands and mouths. They fingered each other. Then they took turns licking each others soaking soaked love tunnels. It was the easiest point Katty has earned so far.

Everyone is a winner at Bet On Lesbian Sex.