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Month: November, 2010

Lila and Mischelle – Tempting teens get naked and kiss

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Sally and Kandy – Teens in lingerie kiss and caress

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Tiffany and Alyssa have been friends for a while and when they finally got their first weekend off work they decided that they were going to have a completely drunk weekend doing all the stupid stuff they could think of. First they went out and picked up all the wine coolers and mixed drinks they could find and then they picked up some munchies and headed back to their apartment to catch a few good movie scenes. After the first movie Tiffany told Alyssa that she was going in to the bedroom to put her pajamas on so she could be comfy. Alyssa followed her in to scare her when she least expected it but instead things got a little carried away.

Tiffany turned around just as Alyssa was about to pounce on her and she threw her down on to the bedand started to pull of her clothes. She told her she needed to be in comfy clothes too but as she stripped Alyssa down to just her thong panties. Alyssa looked up at her with those large round eyes and just then Tiffany slid her fingers inside Alyssa’s panties and started to tease her delicious twat.

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Ilsa And Jane Get Naughty Together

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Ilsa and Jane met a few months ago when they were both shopping at the same store. The two of them seemed to hit it off well and Ilsa told Jane that she was looking for a new roommate if she was looking. With that it wasn’t long before the girls were living together and while they both felt the sexual tension between them neither one of them wanted to be the one to make the first move. Then one weekend when the two of them were looking through a magazine together they both made a comment on a pair of panties that a chick pie was wearing and that was all it took.

Soon Ilsa had her shirt up around her marangos and Jane was leaning over to slip that soft perky tit out of her bra. As Jane brushed her tongue softly against that nipple she felt her twat getting juicy. She had dreamed about this moment for as long as she had known Ilsa and it was so much better than she imagined. As she sucked that soft pink nipple she began to ache to taste Ilsa’s sweet shaved pussy as well!

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Caprice and Kari – Slender brunette kiss and tongue

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Candy and Sara have been longingly staring at each other for the entire last semester in class but neither of them actually had the guts to say anything to the other until the last day of class. Candy was sure that if she didn’t tell Sara that she thought she was hotter than hell then she’d regret it forever, and she was so right! As she passed her on the way out of class she grabbed her arm and told her in a lowered voice “I would fuck you so bad if you were my girlfriend”. Sara looked at her shocked but incredibly turned on and told her to follow her back to her place.

Sara didn’t live far from campus and when they got back to her place she dragged Candy through to the bedroom and pushed her down on the bed. Slowly she strated to strip her naked but when she got down to her soft black mesh panties she lingered. She slid her hand down in to those mesh panties and let her fingers softly carress Candy’s soft love tunnel. Candy started to breath harder and it only served to turn Sara on even more.

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