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Month: July, 2010

First Time Lesbian Girls

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Candy and Sara have been longingly staring at each other for the entire last semester in class but neither of them actually had the guts to say anything to the other until the last day of class. Candy was sure that if she didn’t tell Sara that she thought she was hotter than hell then she’d regret it forever, and she was so right! As she passed her on the way out of class she grabbed her arm and told her in a lowered voice “I would tease you so bad if you were my girlfriend”. Sara looked at her shocked but incredibly turned on and told her to follow her back to her place.

Sara didn’t live far from campus and when they got back to her place she dragged Candy through to the bedroom and pushed her down on the bed. Slowly she strated to strip her naked but when she got down to her soft black mesh panties she lingered. She slid her hand down in to those mesh panties and let her fingers softly carress Candy’s soft pussy. Candy started to breath harder and it only served to turn Sara on even more.

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Lesbian Coed Whores

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Tiffany and Alyssa have been friends for a while and when they finally got their first weekend off work they decided that they were going to have a completely drunk weekend doing all the stupid stuff they could think of. First they went out and picked up all the wine coolers and mixed drinks they could find and then they picked up some munchies and headed back to their apartment to catch a few good episodes. After the first movie Tiffany told Alyssa that she was going in to the bedroom to put her pajamas on so she could be comfy. Alyssa followed her in to scare her when she least expected it but instead things got a little carried away.

Tiffany turned around just as Alyssa was about to pounce on her and she threw her down on to the bedand started to pull of her clothes. She told her she needed to be in comfy clothes too but as she stripped Alyssa down to just her thong panties. Alyssa looked up at her with those large round eyes and just then Tiffany slid her fingers inside Alyssa’s panties and started to tease her delicious twat.

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First Time Lesbian Teens

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Lilah and her roommate Francis had signed up for a lot of the same classes this year to make sure that they had study buddies come exam time. Neither of the hotties were very good students though so when it came time to study they found themselves getting a little side tracked. First the kittens just started talking about one of the studs in their class but then they started asking each other questions about what they’d done with dudes and if they’d ever been with other angels. Lilah said she had but Francis said that she hadn’t, she’d always wondered what it was like but she was too afraid to actually try it. Lilah told her that if she wanted she could show her a few things.

Leaning over Lilah lifted up her shirt and put Francis’ hand on her tit. She told her to bring it up to her lips and slowly run her tongue around her perky pink nipple. Francis did what she was told and she felt Lilah’s nipple getting hard beneath her tongue and it made her cunt slick just thinking about teasing her some more. Lilah told her to keep going because she was too turned on to stop.

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Niyah had always had a crush on her best friend Lilly but Lilly was always dating some boy or other and Niyah never had the guts to let her know how she felt. Last week though when Lilly broke up with her boyfriend she went over to stay the night at Niyah’s house and they drowned her sorrows with a few drinks. As the night went on and the beauties got drunker Niyah made her move and told Lilly that if she ever had a lesbian experience she’d love for it to be with Lilly. Lilly laughed and said that tonight was as good as any since she was on her own now!

Niyah jumped at the chance and slipping out of her clothes she lay on the dining table completely naked. Lilly looked a bit nervous but when Niyah spread her legs and slid her fingers down to her vagina Lilly couldn’t help but be curious about what honey pot tasted like. Lilly slipped out of her clothes too and leaning down she slid her juicy tongue across Niyah’s twat. The sweet taste of her slit turned her on and she couldn’t help but flick her tongue inside Niyah’s wet twat.

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Lesbian Femdom Fun

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Check out this latest adventure from In Femdom! Ariel is a brunette beauty who loves to be called Miss, as in “yes Miss” and when she got together for some sexy lesbian fun with Laura and Laura forgot to call her Miss, well things got a little interesting. Before Laura could get the word “Miss” out of her mouth it was too late and Ariel had a collar on her quicker than she could refuse. Strapped in to a collar and cuffs Laura was thrown on to the bed where she lay helplessly as Ariel tugged down her bustier and pulled out her meatballs. Laura couldn’t help but get juicy when Ariel grabbed her nipples and twisted them until it hurt.

The more that Ariel tried to bully her the wetter Laura’s slit got and while she’d never dare ask for more she thought she’d slip right off the bed when Ariel lifted her legs over her head and started to smack her pussy. Laura’s vagina lips were so moist by this time that Ariels hand ended up wet as well and all Laura could think about was Ariel leaning down just once to lick her wet slit.

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