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Month: December, 2010

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Tiffany and Missy had been friends for a long time, in fact from the first day of college when they found out they were living together the hotties became inseperable. They were always going to parties together and getting in to trouble together but until last week they had never even dreamed of getting to know each other as more than just friends. You see the babes always took each other on these little picnic outings after long study sessions and taking their exams. It helped them both to unwind but last week when the girls went out together they ended up studying a little something new!

As Tiffany kept pouring them each drinks the two kittens started to get a little silly and when Missy reached over to get something and her titty brushed against Tiffany’s face things sort of escalated from there. Tiffany made a comment about how if Missy wanted her nipples sucked she should just ask next time…well that was all it took for Missy to say okay then! Before they knew it the hotties were sucking on each others perky nippers and strong nipples and their slits were getting soaked juicy!

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Lilly and Vana Get Sinful Together

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Lilly and Vana had decided that they were going to have a sleepover. Lilly was supposed to be getting married the next day and her husband to be was out on his stag night doing what men will do before they get married. The more she and Vana hung out at Vana’s house though, the more Lilly started to worry about what her new husband was getting up to on his last night of freedom. As the two babes slipped in to bed finally Vana told Lilly that she had the consummate way to help her relax and Lilly couldn’t wait because she knew that there was no way she was going to sleep!

Without telling her what she was doing, Vana slipped under the covers and spread Lillys legs apart. At first she just worked slowly, slipping her finger inside that love bud and then when she heard Lilly’s breath coming faster she moved her lips in. As she pressed her lips against that wet pussy she felt Lilly push her twat down on Vana’s face and she started to ride that tongue like nothing she had ever ridden before. She couldn’t believe that she had waited so long to be with another woman!

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