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Coed Lesbo And Her New Friend

Bet On Lesbian Sex

Check out these erotic pictures from tonight’s steamy Bet On Lesbian Sex adventure. The bet is between Katty and her friend on who can have sex with the most women. Katty takes the lead with this black haired chick that she met at the club earlier in the night. Either of them could’ve gone home with any man in the club that they wanted, but wanted slit, not penis. They ended up on the dance floor making out as they moved their bodies, things got so nice-looking that soon they were headed back to Katty’s apartment.

They went straight to the bedroom and started to take off each others clothes. Soon, they were both almost completely naked, rolling around on the bed as they made out and explored each others bodies. Soon, Katty was rubbing and fingering her new friend’s soaking wet slit. It didn’t stop there. Katty was soon lowering her head between her friend’s legs and tasting her delicious slit, licking it until she made her climax.

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