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Steamy Lesbian Competition

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Now this is something you don’t hear about every day! Two friends, who are both lesbo are having a competition to see who can seduce and sleep with the most straight women. The loser of the competition has to buy the other hottie a new car. Both of them come from well to do families, so prize isn’t so important to them as the competition is. Check out these steamy lesbian pics and see how Michelle earned a point for herself last night.

Michelle went over to her friend’s house, a blonde beauty named Katty from her History class. Of course, Michelle was interested in doing a lot more than studying. Soon, they were all alone in Katty’s bedroom and Michelle made her move. She leaned forward and kissed Katty on the lips. She was definitely surprised, but very turned on by the kiss. Next thing you know, clothes are starting to come off and these kittens are lustfully making out. They’re rolling around on the bed, exploring each others bodies, as Michelle enjoys earning this point to the fullest extent!

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