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How to not turn off local fuck buddies

Even if you have a lot of local fuck buddies, don’t get too comfortable. Don’t fall into the common trap of taking them for granted.

I know you probably put in a lot of time, effort, and energy and possibly money in cultivating a huge network of local fuck buddies. Maybe you have two chicks you keep for a booty call here and there. Or maybe you even have a harem of eight women.

Whatever the number may be, you will see that number vaporize to exactly zero if you don’t watch what you’re doing. You can easily turn off your side pussy by engaging in the following.

Don’t be emotionally weak

These women are looking for a hard man. We’re not just talking about a hard, rigid dick that can go balls deep and that would make them come again and again. No, we’re also talking about being emotionally strong.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be Superman, but you can’t be a muffin either. Your can’t be a cupcake around these women; you need to be strong. You need to tell them and call them out if they get out of line.

Don’t act like a punk

A punk really is a little bitch. Seriously. A punk is somebody who acts in a very immature way. These women are looking for men; they are not looking for boys. So start acting like a man. Be mature and tell them if they’re out of line, but at the same time you give them the respect that they’re looking for.

Don’t act like a little bitch

What do I mean by “acting like a little bitch”? This means that you are acting in a very petty and emotional way. Cut it out. These women are looking for a man; they’re not looking for another woman. They’re not looking for lesbian experiences. Know the difference, you can try and see if it works for you.