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How not to misunderstand cheating women

A lot of guys who try to go on affair dating sites where there are a lot of cheating women think that they have scored a jackpot. They think that it’s like fishing by spearing fish or shooting fish in a barrel. I’m sorry to break this to you, but it isn’t that easy. Just because these women are on cheating websites doesn’t necessarily mean that they would drop their panties just for any guy that talks to them.


I wish it was that simple. I wish it was that uncomplicated, but it isn’t. That’s the reality we live in. Things are a little bit more complicated and nuanced than we expect. You have to be ready for that, and unfortunately, there’s also some misunderstanding when you’re talking to cheating women. You have to remember that all these misunderstandings come from the fact that they’re not looking for relationships. They’re not looking for any emotional ties or engagements. They’re just looking for sex. They’re just looking for a physical release.


If you’re able to open your mind to this and give yourself permission to participate in this kind of game then you’d feel more relaxed. Also, you’d feel so relaxed that you would not misunderstand, twist or otherwise get their messages wrong. They want something light, quick and easy. If you’re able to provide that, not only would these cheating women knock your socks off in bed, but they would probably spread the word to their friends who are also cheating. You have to remember that cheating women tend to travel in packs. They tend to network. They tend to spread to word, and if you are the stud that is able to deliver a superb experience time after time, word will get out.


You have to remember that these women are looking for the complete package. They are looking for an experience. They aren’t just looking for plain vanilla sex. If they wanted that they would get it from their relationships. Make sure you are clear on this so you can give the married women you hook up with precisely the kind experience they are looking for. Your definition of a ‘good time’ when you’re banging single women is going to be quite different from the definition of that phrase when you’re dealing with married women who cheat. Don’t get your wires crossed