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Fuck addicted Brunette Seduces Her Study Partner

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I love horny lesbian teens, especially like these two chicks fooling around on the couch. They were supposed to be studying for their science test next week, but the black haired beauty has a bet that she’s trying to win with one of her babe friends. The bet is that whoever can sleep with the most women wins. It sounds like some sort of bet a bunch of frat guys would come up with, but not this time. By seducing her study partner, this teen takes the lead in the bet. Check out these steamy lesbian pictures and enjoy all of the action.

One minute, they were studying their book, the next they’re talking about sex. Being with another woman before came up and the next thing you know, clothes are starting to come off. Soon, they’re exploring each others bodies with their tongues and taking turns going down on each other. It’s so nice-looking to watch! I think everyone is a winner in this bet.

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